Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am beyond overjoyed!!

I received the most wonderful answer to prayer tonight! My very first Compassion sponsored child, my sweet daughter Yirlis from Colombia, just replied to my Facebook message confirming that she is indeed the same girl I talked about in my message. I had found her name on Facebook (but her profile had no photo). I had asked her if she was born in Aug 1991 and if she remembers having a Canadian sponsor named Judy, and she said "yes"!! I had sponsored her for almost 5 years, and she had to leave the Compassion program when she became a teenager as her family moved too far away from another Compassion project. So you can only imagine my joy when she told me that she's kept my letters all these years (as I have kept hers)! We both expressed how sad we were when she had to leave Compassion, as we had shared many wonderful letters! She'll be 22 years old next month and has become such a beautiful young lady (but she has ALWAYS been beautiful)!!!  I'm posting her last Compassion photo I received, and her most recent photo!!


  1. Wow! She is beautiful. My hope is that one day, my Carlos, who moved away from the project, will find me. I have to talk to my dad about getting a FB ;)

    That is really awesome, though. And I am so happy for you both! Any plans to travel there?

  2. Yes, Lizzie. I'll definitely be traveling to Colombia one day to see Yirlis, and to go with her to her old project to meet my newest sponsored child Mishell (who was also born on my Mom's birthday!).

    1. wow! incredible. Loving following all of the story on OC :) Praying this happens some day for me and my Carlos, who moved where there is not a Compassion project. Your story is soo encouraging!