Sunday, May 11, 2014

A portrait sketch I received left me speechless!

I was left speechless when I received this portrait sketch made for me by my 17 year old sponsored daughter Jhoselin Rosales at Compassion project BO571 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She also wrote me a lovely tribute on the back of the sketch.

Translation of writing: "In this sketch, I sketched you. It didn't turn out perfect, but I did it with much love and affection. I hope that you like it. From your daughter who loves you very much, Jhoselin - May God bless you!"
I've also included the photo that she did the portrait sketch from. I think it's a very credible likeness of me!

She also sent me a photo of her and her family as well as one with her best friends.

 And everything arrived in perfect timing for "Mother's Day"!! Feeling incredibly blessed right now. Thank you God for blessing me with the honor and privilege of sponsoring these precious children of yours!

If you would like more information about child sponsorship, and how you can sponsor your own "budding artist" through Compassion Canada, please click on the following link -->


  1. What a treasure! She's quite talented and I know you are feeling quite blessed.

  2. Every time I see Jhoselin's drawing, I'm impressed!! She did such an amazing job.