Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Journey with Compassion Honduras – Child Visit Day 2

Monday, May 19th couldn’t come soon enough! I was meeting 6 year old Emely, and Eduar Caleb (a 9 year old boy I have sponsored for over 5 years). As they were coming in from out-of-town (Emely from project HO224 in Intibucá near Siguatepeque to the north of Tegucigalpa, and Eduar Caleb from project HO506 in Danlí to the south), there would be no project visits today.
We first went to the main bus terminal to pick up Emely, her mom Olga and her tutor Maritza. I was not prepared for the beautiful sight of seeing my precious redhead Emely walk out of the bus terminal dressed like a true princess in a full length princess gown complete with long gloves up to her elbows! She had travelled almost three hours on the bus in her princess dress, with a strong desire to look her best for her meeting with her “madrina” from Canada! She was personality plus and such a playful and joy-filled child!! I don’t think she stopped smiling all day!

We then went to the Compassion Honduras country office to pick up Eduar Caleb, his grandma Maria Luisa and sponsorship coordinator Elisabeth. I was greeted by a big bear hug from sweet Eduar Caleb. He was thrilled to see me! He is the grandson of pastors and is being raised by a single father, who is a teacher. His mother abandoned the family when Eduar Caleb was only 2 years old, but he still prays for her every day for God to protect her wherever she is! What a soft heart he has! His grandma Maria Luisa takes care of Eduar Caleb and his older brother Kenny when their father is away teaching.

                           After introducing Eduar Caleb and Emely to each other ... 

... we headed over to City Mall to spend another afternoon full of food, fun and games!

 It was the first time for both of them being in a big mall and they loved riding the escalator
over and over. Emely was determined to go up by herself! 

             What simple joys that bring so much happiness, something that is often lacking in the materialistic North American society we live in. To see the pure joy on their faces despite their difficult living circumstances deeply touched my heart! Such precious children of God they are! We first shared a special time of exchanging gifts, then headed to the food court for lunch.

          While there, Eduar Caleb even sang me two praise & worship songs he sings in church as part of the children’s choir, and he’s also learning to play the piano from his older brother Kenny, who already plays the keyboards in the worship band at the tender age of 12! May God continue to have His protective hand over these young lives as they seek to serve him with all their hearts!

After lunch we headed over to games arcade where we had a blast on the bumper cars – Emely, being too small to ride the bumper car by herself, joined me in my bumper car (but I let her sit in the driver’s seat which made her squeal with joy). She was giggling and laughing the whole time!


The fun & games unfortunately ended all too soon, and we had to take 
the kidto the bus station for their return trips home.

                           We dropped off Emely first and I bid farewell to her and her mom Olga ….

….. then Eduar Caleb and his wonderful grandma Maria Luisa accompanied me to where I was staying, as their bus stop was further along from my friends’ home. Eduar Caleb broke down when saying goodbye to me; he was such a sweet child and I told him how special he was to me and that I would return to Honduras one day, and visit him in his hometown next time. He was happy to hear that!

Along with my wonderful Compassion host Scarlett acting as my photographer, I was also blessed with the photographic skills of my Compassion-appointed driver Gerardo! What a wonderful young man of God he is! If the future of Honduras rests in the hands of young people like him, the sky’s the limit as to what God can accomplish in Honduras for His Kingdom, amen!

Now I’ll have one day’s rest to prepare myself for child visit day #3 on May 21st with my bubbly birthday twin Sherly, and older teen girl Katerin – stay tuned for more excitement!!

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If you would like more information on child sponsorship and/or how you can be an agent of positive change in the life of one of these precious children of God, please email me at: or click on this link à


  1. Eduar Caleb seems like such a tender hearted young guy. Wow. And Emely is adorable!!!

  2. Thanks, Hannah! Eduar Caleb had such a sweet disposition! And what can I say about my spunky redhead Emely?!! She was so much fun to be with!