Thursday, May 23, 2013

Melting my already melted heart!

It has taken me a few days to process the most recent blessing that God has poured out on my life! This past weekend I was put in charge of running a Compassion event solo and last Friday I received the advance materials including the stack of child packs.

Now the background for my story. About 8 months ago, I accepted a friend request on Facebook from Prince, a young pastor/project worker at Compassion's BD227 project, a wonderful young man and so passionate about helping the children in his community. We have developed a strong friendship through his many updates on the work going on in Compassion Bangladesh and in his church.

Now back to the child packs - as they were in alphabetical order, Bangladesh was on the top of the stack, and this adorable little 2 year old boy's face jumped out at me. I also noticed that he was born on the same day my grand-niece Ivy was born (just last week on May 14th)!! Then the clincher(!!), he attends project BD227, the same project that Prince works at!! The stars were definitely lining up, so I instantly decided to sponsor little Shimul in advance of Sunday's Compassion event, and I immediately sent Prince a private message on Facebook asking if he could give Shimul's parents the good news in advance, and I sent him a photo of myself to show them. Then, within 24 hours, not only had Prince told Shimul's parents, but he had printed out my photo and had taken a photo of Shimul and his parents holding my photo just after he gave them the news that their son had a sponsor from Canada (me!!).  I was overjoyed to say the least!! And Prince told me that there were no words to describe their joy at receiving the news! 

Six days have now past since I first laid eyes on my precious Shimul, and he has melted my already melting heart. I love this little boy to pieces already and am so blessed that God has chosen me to be a part of his young life, to encourage him and to speak God's word into his life as he grows up into a wonderful young man of God.

I encourage all my friends and family to consider sponsoring their own "Shimul", and impacting a young life for eternity, releasing a child from poverty IN JESUS' NAME!!

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