Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Showers of blessing from Kenya!

Now, I rarely share the content of my sponsored kids' letters, but I could not resist sharing the letter I received last week from Ruth, my precious, happy child in Kenya! She has brought so much joy into my life and the love of our Lord Jesus shines through her infectious smile. She writes by herself in almost perfect English (although she's only 9 years old). 

Here is her letter - get ready for a few chuckles!!

"How are you? I hope you are fine. I love you so much. I am as happy as a king living in a palace. I learn at Blessed Kids School. I am in standard seven and we did exams and I was number one with three hundred seventy-nine marks. My heart had ripples of joy. When I received your photos, activity book and stickers, the joy I had knew no bound. In Christmas I received the clothes. When I received the gifts, my heart was about to come out of my skinny body.

I like playing hide and seek. We have planted maize, beans, green grams and peas. On Saturday we play football and we eat rice and beans. I go to school everyday. Before Christmas I was very happy because I knew I would be celebrating with friends and family.

I want to thank God because he has given me life without me paying him. I love you because you are a good friend."

She then proceeded to draw and color me a tree, a table, a girl, a house, a church, a cup, a chair and a ball -


  1. Oh dear! That is too precious :) Ruth is just so sweet!!!! Her photo definitely matches her personality! Thanks so much for sharing! It brought a smile to my face :)

  2. What a letter! You now know what to do if you are ever in a moment that needs your heart to come out of your body - just reread this letter! Loved it, thanks for sharing your gorgeous, full of life Ruth. And what a smile!

    1. Definitely, Susan!! As I'm now planning to go to Kenya sometime in 2016, Ruth's heart will surely be ready to burst when she receives the news!