Saturday, May 18, 2013

Where is God leading me next? ........ to INDIA!!!

Since returning from my Compassion Canada trip to Bolivia, one might think that my "passion for Compassion" may have waned once the excitement and emotion of the trip wore off. Exactly the opposite has happened! God has been revealing more and more to me about the direction He wants me to go, and is opening many doors to increase my volunteer advocacy with Compassion Canada. Every event I work at continues to reinforce the determination and passion I have inside my heart to release more kids from poverty in Jesus' name, and doors are even opening up for me to speak with pastors in churches that have not previously been exposed to Compassion ministry. The Holy Spirit has been moving in people's hearts to want to sponsor not only one child, but multiple children!

Amongst other countries, God has recently been placing the country of India on my heart, so much so that an opportunity has arisen for me to join a Compassion U.S. team travelling to India in March 2014. It's amazing that the dates of the trip don't conflict with any of my other travel and/or other commitments, but that's how God works. He just wants us to be willing and able to go through His door of opportunity in faith when He opens it in His perfect timing. I will also have the honor and privilege to meet the four older teenagers from India that I recently started sponsoring through their last 2-3 years in the Compassion program. As they are all scheduled to graduate from the program in 2015 and 2016, it will be so wonderful to meet them face-to-face and encourage them further in their walk with the Lord. If I thought God blew my heart wide open in Bolivia, I truly believe that Bolivia was just a warm-up to breaking my heart even more for what breaks His in India!! I just know that my experience in India will surely surpass any previous missions trip I have gone on; God just has a way of doing that!!! He has definitely been stretching me more and more this year and I am excited as to what the future holds.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates........!!!!!


  1. Oh my! That is soo amazing. God is good. I absolutely am so excited for you, and I cannot wait to hear all about your trip!!! Even though it is a long way off, I am sure we both will be thinking of it lots. :)

    1. Hey Lizzie! Me too, I'm excited beyond words!!